U04M03IMG03Turkey is beginning to emerge as an important trading partner and political force on the World stage. Historically, the country has always been at the crossroads of culture and business, literally bridging Europe, Asia and the Middle-East. Recently, though, the emergence of a large and growing market in Turkey has caught the eye of European businesses.

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A knowledge of Turkish language and business culture is crucial for any businessman or woman who wishes to deal with or in Turkey. It is crucial to build rapour and mutual understanding with counterparts who come from a culture which is considered high-context, compared to European cultures.

With this in mind, we have brought together a highly qualified consortium of developers, authors and programmers to deliver a course of Turkish which will be comprehensive, suitable for business needs and credit-rated to assure that any learning will be worthwhile.


The full project website with details about the rationale, aims and objectives can be viewed at www.handsonturkish.com

This course will be available in English, German, Dutch and Italian.

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