Bicycle in front of the entrance to an apartment in one of the houses named Nyboder


One of the six working languages of the UN and spoken by almost a billion people, this language is vital in today’s world.

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Learn Danish


Danes are proud of everything apart from their language! Nevertheless, this Danish course will introduce you to the Danish language – ideal for travel and relocation.

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Learn Spanish


Undoubtedly one of the most important languages to learn, Spanish comes in handy in parts of the world

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Bicycle in front of the entrance to an apartment in one of the houses named Nyboder


Now considered a language of ‘critical importance’, This language gives you access to many other related Turkic languages.

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Learn Hungarian Online


A fascinating a wonderful language, quite unlike any other! Learning some Hungarian will certainly surprise the locals who don’t often experience this pleasure!

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Learn languages online with LearnOasis

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