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Last week we completed the first version of the Turkish iPhone App for the Appstore.

In the process of uploading, Jeroen asked me where all the apps get checked and approved. I simply assumed it would be in South Asian Tech centre. Not so, it seems.

“People have this idea that there are 100 people in India doing app reviews,” Lee tells Business Insider. “It’s just people in a building at Apple, and like every other part of Apple, they can’t get enough really good people. Apple will not compromise the quality of its teams to fill it in. I promise you its a lot smaller than you imagine.”

Not only that, it apparently “sucks” to be an app reviewer since, quite often, developers who have their apps rejected resubmit their apps and try to get their own back by including images which “may or may not be cucumbers” …

Jeroen jokingly asked me if we had included any images which may or may not be construed as cucumbers.

In fact, we had!

One of the backgrounds we used is a Turkish / Ottoman design, technically called a cucumber or gherkin pattern (see above).

Of course, we submitted the app in best faith and hopefully the app won’t get rejected or disqualified!


Turkish iPhone App

Turkish iPhone App

The Turkish iPhone app is currently in the process of being reviewed and will be available to download (for free) on all iPhone devices.

The App includes:

  • dialogues with useful phrases,
  • role plays with voice recording facilities,
  • vocabulary practice,
  • spelling exercises,
  • cultural notes and
  • Turkish language notes.

The Turkish iPhone app is available in five different languages: English, German, Dutch, Italian and French.

More information about the Turkish project can be found on our site.



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