As part of the HandsOnTurkish project, we are developing an app for android and iOS smartphones.Turkish vocabulay android

Work on the core online course at is making substantial headway. However due to 1) the nature of the  content being business orientated, 2) the undisputed adoption of smartphones and 3) the current trands of using different devices at different times of the day, it is now inevitable that mobile learning is an integral part of any educational product and  learning strategy.

Regarding the latter point, it has been our opinion that, at the very least, a large(ish) screen (i.e. computer, laptop or tab/ipad) is required for the core content which deals with two texts at any point in time, and in the case of arabic, three texts. The extra space allows learners to view the full content. There is also sufficient space to diminish the risk that the learner becomes overwhelmed with content.

What does this mean for smartphones?

We have been able to create a fully functioning app including the full dialogues and translations. However we cannot fit all the content on one screen so we have to compromise in one of two ways: font size or scrolling. We decided scrolling was a fairer compromise. The main point, is however, that the content is intended as a refresher or consolidation of content learnt in the core course. It is hoped that the learners have already dealt with the content therefore they are not seeing the text unprepared.


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We have also put a greater focus on the vocabulary for the same reason. Again, it is hoped / intended that the learners have already dealt withe the words and are now revising.

The HandsOnTurkish Android app for learning Turkish has four units of content including full audio dialogues, vocabulary practice, language activities and cultural information. The Android App is now ready for download in the appstore!


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