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The new HandsOnTurkish course has been under construction for almost a year, although the development only started in earnest at the start of the summer after the planning stage.

After developing the early prototypes which were tested on a small scale, we are now ready to showcase the first substantial public versions and request feedback from learners.

Seeing as HandsOnTurkish is a pan-European project co-funded by the European Union, the testing took place simultaneously in three different countries: United Kingdom, Italy and Germany.

Testing the business Turkish with professionals course in Italy

It was somewhat reassuring to watch the video and hear the familiar sound of the dialogues being repeated by the keen learners!

Testing also took place with students in the United Kingdom.

Analysing the needs of young students is absolutely crucial. Since students in vocational education form a key target group, improving their skills and giving them new opportunties in the ever competitive market is a priority of any educational tool.

Overall the feedback was positive with some excellent constructive pointers which included suggestions for improvement as well as highlighting some technical bugs and a few glaring errors which will be ironed out in good time.

Some of the feedback was predictable and avoidable (quality of the audio and speed) however we can rest assured that this will be replaced soon – perhaps even beofre the start of the year although next year is more realistic. Thankfully, a colleague on the project, John Angliss  in Ankara, is currently seeking out some recording studios.

The first part of the Turkish business language course is now available at:

The online course contains interactive dialogues, plenty of useful, topic-related vocabulary, language notes, activities to consolidate your learning and cultural notes explaining the business etitquette in Turkey.

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