Learn Turkish: Access a new language, culture and business market!

The HandsOnTurkish iPad app is now live on the iOS Appstore.

We have released version 1.0 of the HandsOnTurkish app which includes four complete units of language learning content.

iPad App Available

HandsOnTurkish is an exciting new project, co-funded with support from the European Commission, and brings together pan-european experise from the areas of publishing, programming, deisgn and content development.

The project details and rationale can be found at: www.handsonturkish.com

The project aims to develop comprehensive Turkish eLearning materials for business and vocational learners so that they can learn an important new langauge to further their business or career opportunities. Furthermore, the course will be credit-rated so that learners can earn vocational credits.

So far, the project has developed an online programme which can be accessed via the website or via Chrome Apps. The team has also recently developed an Android app for smartphones and tabs. Most recently, the iPad app has been released.

Learn Turkish with dialogues

The dialogues contain all the language you will need for this unit: core vocabulary, key phrases and selected examples of the main topic of grammar.