Grammar Explorer Danish

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Grammar Explorer is a language learning resource that was co-funded by the European Commission as part of its Socrates Lingua programme. One of the objectives of the Lingua programme is the promotion of language teaching and learning, especially of all of the Community languages. Particular attention is paid to the development of skills in the less widely used and less taught official Community languages (the LWULT languages).

Grammar Explorer surpasses the descriptive, form-focused grammars currently available, because it treats learners as active meaning-makers and puts them firmly in control of their learning experience. Within the structure of the grammar, learners are able to enter into a non-linear process of negotiation with grammatical material that requires and encourages the use of basic cognitive and meta-cognitive strategies such as inferencing, grouping and recombination (O’Malley and Chamot 1990). It is through this process of exploration and negotiation that the learners acquire the type of functional grammatical competence that is essential for the successful acquisition of pragmatic competence and for the development of cognitive and metacognitive skills.