Finally, we’re at a stage where we can bring together the online language learning resources together with online language tuition. This is something we have actually been meaning to do for many years, however, we never got round to it, partly because we were so focussed on the eLearning development side, but equally because the environment wasn’t quite ready yet.

Initially when we started out with subscriptions(just under ten years ago), our biggest problem was online trust and slow internet connections. People were still very wary of paying online, online services were still quite alien and the internet connection wasn’t strong enough to conduct meaningful lessons.

Since then we decided to continue offering free online language learning resources but instead focussed on developing apps and offered a few downloads. The apps are going great. We’ve discontinued the downloads but restarted the subscriptions – mainly for a technical and development point of view: For the online software (and the apps) updating and adding content is absolutely seamless for the user.

Also, internet telephony is now much improved and with Google Hangouts or Skype, it’s possible to tune into a lecture or have a one-to-one lesson and the quality is top-rate.

We’re still putting together some of the final details for the structure but are hoping to have this nice combination of eLearning + online tuition live very soon.


Neal guides the digital development of the language learning apps and online programs. He manages to the day-to-day running of LearnOasis.