Learn Danish with LearnOasis

A complete Danish eLearning course on your iPad

Learn Danish with LearnOasis!

The new app is proving to be very popular. Using this beautiful touchscreen app is a perfect way to learn the Danish language in the comfort of your living room or whilst traveling on-location.

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This iPad app is perfect for classroom use, for individual study ‘on-the-go’ or to take with you if you are deployed to or working in Denmark.

The course provides a perfect introduction to Danish, especially for people who wish to know more about the language and who wish to start speaking Danish.

Learn Danish iPad App

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The app includes:

  • Full audio dialogues and accompanying activities
  • Extensive vocabulary practice
  • A wide variety of language activities with role play and voice recording
  • Language and grammar notes
  • Cultural notes including advice on dos and don’ts
  • Visually attractive art and photography that illustrate Arabic culture


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Winner of the 2013 European Language Label Award